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Estate Late Harvest Riesling 2018

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In 2018 the growing season had warm days and cool nights, giving great conditions for Riesling with a good dose of rain in January which topped up our soil moisture and some decent hot weather early in ripening followed by cooler finishing temperatures.

The fruit for our Late Harvest is picked later than our normal Riesling, this allows the fruit to ripen further and to concentrate the flavours in the berries as the berries slightly shrivel and lose moisture.

The fruit is all hand picked and then whole bunch pressed to retain the clarity of the fruit flavours locked in the berries. The resulting juice is then fermented in tank with only wild yeast until 58g/L of the natural sugar was left. Fermentation was then stopped to leave this sugar in the final wine and also results in a lower alcohol level. No fining agents* were used in the making of this wine.

*Fining agents are protein based compounds used to reduce the level of phenolics in the wine so it is vegan friendly.

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