Estate Tours

Learn all about Delatite on an Estate Tour

What's Included?

Each tour is an in-depth look into the family history, the way the grapes are grown, how the wines are made and the key values that inform everything that is done at Delatite.

After meeting in the cellar door, walk and look at the vineyard while learning about biodynamic principles. Then taste wines straight from the barrel at the winery and learn about natural wine making. Walk back via the vegetable garden and chickens. In the cellar door you will enjoy (we hope) a glass of Pet Nat and then say goodbye to your guide and enjoy the feature menu in the dining room for lunch.


Learn about the Ritchie family's history, how they came about growing grapes and the multitude of changes since.


Explore our, sometimes messy, biodynamically grown vineyards while learning about Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy and how we started the journey back in 2005.


Try wines directly from barrel. Learn about how we make wines and our philosophy of allowing the vineyard and grapes to express their true characters, rather than the fingerprint of the winemaker.


At Delatite we are committed to being as sustainable as possible in every facet of the business. From the way we make our wines, menu development, how we source our energy and designing our new building. Learn about the steps we are making towards being carbon neutral!