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Cellar Door Building Awards

Our new cellar door building has received much acclaim over the last 12 months. It is a testament to Lucy Clemenger Architects and the entire design team for designing such an incredible space. This is a list of all the awards the building has won although there is also a long list of other awards that it has been shortlisted or been a finalist in.

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Our Schnapps

17th, August 2022

Did you know we have schnapps at Delatite? Find out all about what schnapps is, how it is made and the best way to drink it!

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Biodynamics at Delatite

12th, Nov 2021

Watch this video about our move to biodynamics and the benefits we have seen in our wines as a result.

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30th, Jan 2021

So, natural wines. Aren’t they those awful, faddy, cloudy wines? The wines that no lesser a critic than Robert Parker called “a fantasy of marginal producers” and an “undefined scam”. 

Yep, those ones. 

9th, Dec 2020

This week we are talking about Delatite’s shift toward Spanish and Portuguese varieties. Nothing happens overnight in a winery, especially if you grow your own grapes, but in the last 13 years there has definitely been a shift to the Iberian varieties and their wine styles. 

15th, Nov 2020

In this edition of Delatite's Journey we are talking about GERWÜZTRAMINER: the German grape variety with a funny name that has been associated with Delatite from its very earliest days.  

Why? Well for a couple of reasons......

1st, Oct 2020

Riesling was the first of four varieties at Delatite and has been an important wine ever since.