Delatite started making their own wine in 1981.

In 2005 David Ritchie took over the business and started growing the grapes using Biodynamic Principles.

In 2011 Delatite started to make their wines more naturally. This began with only using "wild yeast". This is where you don't add any cultured yeasts, instead allowing the wild yeasts on the grapes and in the winery to ferment the sugars. This process is beneficial for many reasons but most importantly it is a slower and lower temperature ferment, it gives the wine more character and complexity and allowing the wines to show the terrior.

They then stopped using any fining products and no enzymes.Fining agents are protein based compounds used to reduce the level of phenolics in the wine. Not adding them makes the wines vegan friendly. Delatite stopped adding them was because they believe that whenever you add anything or try to take it away you are taking away the purity of the wine. The fact that the wines are now vegan was a coincidence. Most of the red wines are bottled with minimal or no filtration.

This is very much going back to the ‘old ways’ of winemaking but doing it in a modern winery with modern equipment and very good knowledge of the science of winemaking……the best of both worlds. It is small batch winemaking – all of the Estate and Reserve Block reds are fermented in 1.5-2 tonne batches and the whites are made block by block. This further accentuates the individuality of the wines and allows maximum quality to be achieved from each season.

David Ritchie and Winemaker Andy Browning are always making new, interesting wines.

The first was the Hell’s Window which they started making in 2016. This was the first "natural" wine also known as ‘orange/amber’ wine Delatite made. It is hand-picked and fermented on skins before spending a further five months on lees in oak. No fining, filtration or adjustments were made.

They have since made two field blends, The MansField Five Red and the MansField Five White. These are inspired by Spanish blends, where the varieties aren't the main concern - it's all about making a delicious wine that highlights the place they are made.

In 2021 Delatite made their first 'Pet Nat', another "natural" wine. It is a blend of Riesling and Gewürztraminer that are co-fermented and is then made like a normal wine. At bottling sugar and yeast are added and it goes through a secondary fermentation in bottle.

The aim of both the viticulture and making teams is to produce very individual wines with great structure and complexity that will also age extremely well, be exceptional partners to a variety of foods, and also be very nice to drink!

This dedication to quality and integrity in both the vineyard and winery is also evident in the many awards the winery has received. Delatite Wines has been consistently successful in the show circuit, and favourably reviewed in the media. “This is uncompromising cool climate viticulture and the wines naturally reflect that.” wrote James Halliday’s in the Australian Wine Companion.