Estate Pinot gris Magnum 2021

Summit ClubPrice: $71.25

1.5L bottle of our 2021 Estate Pinot gris. It's perfect for dinner parties and celebrations!


<p><span class="ql-color-#ff0000">In the last 10 years&nbsp;Delatite&nbsp;has made wine as naturally as possible. We use 100% wild yeast in all Estate wines and have no enzymes or fining agents* and minimal Sulphur. This allows the wines to fully show the vineyard’s characteristics. The grapes are grown following biodynamic principles which doesn’t allow the use of artificial inputs; encouraging greater biodiversity in the vineyard.&nbsp;</span></p><p>*Fining agents are protein based compounds used to reduce the level of phenolics in the wine so it is vegan friendly.</p>

Tasting Notes