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Estate 'Dungeon Gully' Malbec Merlot 2017

A blend of Malbec and Merlot.

Summit Club Price: $26.25


The fruit for this wine was de-stemmed to open fermenters and was allowed to undergo wild fermentation. The batches were plunged three times a day to extract maximum flavour and tannin. After fermentation the Merlot was allowed to stay on its skins for an additional ten days to further increase its tannin structure, but the Malbec (which is a quite tannic variety) was pressed at the completion of fermentation.

Both batches were then racked off to barrels which were a mixture of French and American and was matured for eighteen months before being blended and bottled. No filtration or fining agents* were used to ensure the delicate flavours of the variety are preserved.

*Fining agents are protein based compounds used to reduce the level of phenolics in the wine so it is vegan friendly.

Tasting Notes

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