Vintage 2014!

2014 Vintage

Hi all,

Well we’re all delighted that another quirky, difficult but ultimately rewarding vintage has finished … at least the harvesting side of it!

After a wet winter, very dry Spring and a couple of mini heat waves in January and February, we started harvesting in early march and finished a week ago. Like many areas, we lost some fruit to a heavy frost in some of the lower parts of the vineyard and then two heatwaves knocked out another 10% or so … more in some varieties than others. The tiny berries were literally ‘curranted’ (don’t think this is a real word but it will do) within a week by the extreme heat. To finish we had 100mm of rain over ten days which, although welcome at any time these days, did mean we left some Merlot and Malbec on the vines.

Over the coming months we’re ripping out 2.5ha of Sauvignon blanc as we’re tired of trying to compete against the dreaded ‘savalanche’ from across the ditch. We know our wine (and many other aussie savvys) are just as good, if not better but we’re sick of acting like King Canute in trying to stop the tide! We intend to leave the land fallow for 12 months and then replant with multi-clone blocks of Chardonnay and Pinot noir on rootstock. This will then mean around 50% of our 28ha is planted on phylloxera resistant rootstock.

I’m looking forward to our wine and cheese masterclass tomorrow night (a couple of spaces left!) with Locheilan Farmhouse Cheese and the wine dinners next week in Sydney and Brisbane – there are still seats for these and we also have a dinner coming up on 21st May at Vivace in Brighton.

And if you’re running short of wine you still have until the end of the month to take advantage of our Easter Garage Sale. Sauv blanc 2010 is finished but we’ll substitute the 2011 instead, and the Riesling halves and old label reds have sold well also.

Yours in wine,

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