Estate Pinot Gris Gewurtztraminer ‘Hells Window’ 2016





Orange or Amber wines are wines made from white grape varieties in a very red wine way. The two varieties were crushed into a stainless steel tank and fermented together by wild yeast (on their skins) for ten days and then pressed off to complete fermentation in an old french oak Puncheon and Hogshead (500L and 300L). After six months it was then bottled without any further intervention from the winemaker; no additions, fining or filtration. As such, a wine of this type will tend to have a slight haze and is likely to throw a crust of harmless crystals and even a sediment.
This, our first wine of this type, has a nose that is reminiscent of beeswax and honey with a ripe orange blossom aromatic. The palate is filling, with flavours of tangelo, lightly caramelised sugar and rose blossom. The wine also has a texture of light phenolics (from its time on skins) and finishes off clean and dry with a long finish of honey coming through.

FOOD A wine that is slightly rustic in nature should be matched with rustic foods; bruschetta or simple wild olives come to mind, perhaps on a picnic blanket in the sun.

Production      88 dozen