Our Build

Follow along as we build our new cellar door and dining room.

We are excited to share with you the journey of building our new cellar door and dining room.

On here we will share with you a series of videos about the building process, the idea's behind the building and the direction that Delatite is going in.

We hope you enjoy this and we look forward to seeing you at the new cellar door.

Meet the Ritchie's

Learn about the history of Delatite winery, where we are now and where we are planning on going.

Watch the video here

Meet the Architects

Learn about our ArchitectsLucy Clemenger Architects(LCA), their design process and about their longstanding relationship with Delatite Winery and the Ritchie Family.

Watch the video here

Meet the Builders

Learn about our buildersEaston, how the have worked with our architectsLucy Clemenger Architects, some of the changes we have made to the design, and the effects of Covid to the building.

Watch the video here

Meet the Building

HereLucy Clemengerthe Senior Architect and Tilde Sheppard, the Project Architect talks about the brief, how they approached designing and siting the building. David Ritchie, our Managing Director, walks you through the site. 

Watch the video here

Meet the Landscape Architect

Here Tommy Gordon of Art Gardens Australia talks about his design process and how he creates functional and usable spaces that are beautiful. We have loved working with him, right down to picking up shovels and moving rocks.

Watch the video here

Building Update

Here the site foreman, Russel Tozer, walks you through some of the structural progress of the new cellar door and dining room. 

Watch the video here