Content Group - Example Page

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Content Group pages are used on the website when you need to display a list of items down the page. In the past, you would have used a table, however with responsive designs tables no longer work as expected. Therefore you are able to create a stylised page with a list of text and or images per line that will respond on a mobile device.

To create a content group page follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the www version.
  2. From the Cog Menu top left choose: + Content Group Page.
  3. The Title will appear in the header section and will create the url for this page.
  4. The body is the standard text that will display to the public above the line items.
  5. The page header allows you to add an image behind the page title and improve the banner area.
  6. Set the layout that you required for your Content Groups by nominating Image Orientation and Alignment. You cannot change this per line, it is for the whole page.
  7. Click on ‘+ Add Item’ for your first line item - choose group image orientation and alignment to be displayed across the page
  8. Complete the sections for this content piece and repeat for the number of Content Groups that you required.
  9. The first set of SEO settings don’t need to be completed unless you want something different from the standard.
  10. We recommend you complete a ‘sales pitch’ of the page in the Description field to help with search engine optimisation. If you require further help with SEO, please ask your product specialist.
  11. Save. 
  12. You can either link to this page by adding it to a menu or link from other content to this page via a web link.
  13. You also have the ability to improve the styling or add some ‘Calls to Action’ by including information in the top and bottom Content Creator sections.