Andy Browning - Our Winemaker since 2009

BioDynamic wines

Delatite started following Rudolf Steiner’s teachings on biodynamic agriculture back in 2001 and have now been using his methods across all the estate vineyards since 2005. For more information have a look at our vineyard page.

What’s clearly evident is that our soil structure has improved markedly and there are far more earthworms and tiny invertebrates evident close to the surface under the vines. The immeasurable benefits include better fruit structure and flavours and therefore improved wine quality.

We follow moon cycles when putting out biodynamic preparations and in 2009 started to use a biodynamic calendar to work out best days for harvesting – where and when practical!

Our white wines

Our White wine grapes are handled while cool and, depending on the variety, may be put through the must chiller, chilled and then held on skins for a few hours in the press. They are cold settled, and racked.

Since 2009 natural yeasts from the vineyard (sometimes called ‘wild yeast’) are used in preference to cultured packaged yeast and ferments begun within two weeks of harvesting.

Ferments normally run for around three weeks at between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius before finishing. All of the white wines then have an extended period sitting on gross lees before being cleaned up ready for bottling. Over recent years a small proportion of many of the aromatics have then spent time in older french puncheons to give added complexity and roundness to the finished blends.

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Our red wines

Our red wine grapes are crushed as they arrive and the must will cold soak for up to ten days before being warmed up and allowed to ferment. As with the whites, since 2009 ferments are allowed to begin naturally without the addition of packaged yeast.

The majority of fermentation occurs in small open topped vessels with traditional Pigeage (pushing down the cap by hand), pumping over and rack and return processes but with the ability to cool the ferments down if they do get too hot. After ferment the wines are pressed off in our basket press and matured in small oak barriques and hogsheads for a period of 12-18 months depending upon the wine.

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